Water & Wastewater Services

The City of Stillwater provides safe and reliable drinking water and wastewater service to the City and surrounding areas.

Key features:

  • Sustainable water supply from source to tap.
  • Affordable, sustainable rates.
  • Professionally managed and operated.
  • Funded, ongoing capital replacement program.

Water Supply and Treatment

Stillwater’s water comes from Kaw Lake. The Oklahoma Water Resources Board has allocated sufficient water rights to support 100 years of growth.

Stillwater owns and operates its own water treatment plant (WTP) and has a reciprocal agreement with Oklahoma State University to provide an emergency water supply.

  • Kaw Raw Water System: 16 Million Gallons per Day (MGD).
  • WTP rated capacity: 18 MGD.
  • WTP historical peak demand: 12 MGD.
  • WTP average demand: 6 MGD.
  • Treated water storage capacity: 16 million gallons (MG).
  • Water Quality Reports

Stillwater’s water distribution system includes over 16 million gallons of water storage.

Stillwater is a regional drinking water provider, supporting seven public systems as wholesale customers.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Stillwater owns and operates its own wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and has an industrial area with plenty of available capacity

  • WWTP rated capacity: 10 MGD.
  • WWTP historical peak flow: 18.7 MGD (on site flow equalization storage allows peak flows higher than the rated capacity of the plant to be stored and treated).
  • WWTP Average flow: 4.6 MGD.
  • Storage capacity: 7 Million Gallons (MG)

Water Rates

Stillwater’s water rates are sustainable and based on the cost of service. They are structured to support ongoing infrastructure renewal.

Professional Staff

Stillwater employs professional staff to ensure safe, reliable service. The water and wastewater utilities are master planned, computer modeled, and employ modern GIS mapping systems.

The Water Resources Department manages the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), Environmental Programs and Capital Improvement Projects. Stillwater’s Engineering staff is available to find solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Stillwater’s Operations Department is comprised of approximately 40 full-time employees. 24-hour on-call field staff provide excellent service and communication with our customers, especially industrial customers that rely on our water supply for operation and production.